the most venomous snake in the world

People debate constantly on which is the snake which has the most venomous power in the world. Some say that it is the beaked sea snake, others claim it is the Inland Taipan. However, a recent study has proven that the Belcher’s sea snake has a venom which is one hundred times stronger than other snakes’ venom. That being said, the Belcher’s sea snake is believed to be -up to this moment- the most venomous snake in the world.

For instance, the venom of a king cobra has the power to kill more than one hundred people. Well, the Belcher snake’s venom can kill over a thousand. However and thanks to nature’s wisdom, this snake won’t bite you if you don’t bother it. And, it’s venom doesn’t penetrate very easily on your body if it does bit you. This fact gives you time to attend the injury and save yourself.  

Who gets bitten by the Belcher’s snake? this creature tends to be swimming. So, its victims tend to be people who go out for fishing and grab them by mistake on their nets. However, it takes very long for this snake to make its venom so, sometimes, they don’t release it within the first bite.