Steps to Starting a Business

If you are about to start your own business you may be looking for a proper methodology on how to correctly do it. However, there is no such thing as a proper way to do it. Each entrepreneur has its own different story and, in fact, there are successful businesses which have started out of nowhere and steps were done at a different pace than what a textbook could tell you. There are a few things though, that really needs to be done to guarantee the organization and a solid base for your upcoming business. So, if you are wondering which are the Steps to Starting a Business, we will say that you should take it a day at a time. Start slowly and then continue for bigger goals. Don’t go crazy. The idea is that your business becomes profitable but you should enjoy the process.

We will, though, give you some hints on things you should really take into consideration. Here are seven steps to starting your own business:  

  • Start by writing a business plan
  • Learn how to incorporate your new business into the market
  • Check out issues on legal entity
  • Learn about taxes
  • Look for a logo
  • Look for an accountant
  • Find an accounting software
  • Look for funding 

the most venomous snake in the world

People debate constantly on which is the snake which has the most venomous power in the world. Some say that it is the beaked sea snake, others claim it is the Inland Taipan. However, a recent study has proven that the Belcher’s sea snake has a venom which is one hundred times stronger than other snakes’ venom. That being said, the Belcher’s sea snake is believed to be -up to this moment- the most venomous snake in the world.

For instance, the venom of a king cobra has the power to kill more than one hundred people. Well, the Belcher snake’s venom can kill over a thousand. However and thanks to nature’s wisdom, this snake won’t bite you if you don’t bother it. And, it’s venom doesn’t penetrate very easily on your body if it does bit you. This fact gives you time to attend the injury and save yourself.  

Who gets bitten by the Belcher’s snake? this creature tends to be swimming. So, its victims tend to be people who go out for fishing and grab them by mistake on their nets. However, it takes very long for this snake to make its venom so, sometimes, they don’t release it within the first bite. 

Missing Children Statistics

A recent study has found that an average of 91.000 people is missing in the United States at any time. The study comes from the hand of Todd Matthews, who works at the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUS), which consists of an archive database of missing people in America.

The study has been made due to the recent disappearance of Hannah Graham, a woman from Charlottesville, Virginia which directed the attention towards the high number of missing people all across the country. The FBI’s National Crime Information Center shows that of the 83,956 people currently missing, 50,000 are adults. The missing children statistics show that 33,387 out of the 83,956 are children under 18 years old.  

Regarding gender, there are more men missing (43,000) than women (40,000). While 47,000 are white or Hispanic and 28,000 are black. These numbers are really high if you consider the numbers of the population in the country.  

If you know someone missing, then you should call 911 as soon as possible. There is no time period which you should wait for reporting someone missing. Also, you can report a disappearance at the NamUs.  

Blue Moon Beer

MillerCoors, the famous company of beer has claimed that blue moon beer is, despite many rumors, a truly, authentic American craft brew. So, for all beer snobs out there, please show respect.

The message from the famous brewery comes from a very popular rumor that was spread while ago. People claimed that Blue Moon was nothing more than a product made by a huge brewer and claimed to be artisanal just to take advantage of the newest and most attractive market: the consumers of authentic artisanal beer.  

Thus, Blue Moon is not holding back its produce due to the misconceptions regarding its quality. In fact, they are actually fighting back by adding a more artisanal brewery to its produce and even including a beer mixed with a wine hybrid. Also, this beer comes from a brewmaster whose expertise comes from Belgium. They want to take credit in popularizing the market of craft beer. 

Tom Long, MillerCoors Chief Executive said: “As Americans, we should all be proud of a beer that is both artisanal and popular.”. So, next time you consider saying something regarding craft beer you should totally double check the information.